Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Life in September: Day Six

Write about a time when your life has taken a turn.

The last year, give or take a few months, has been full of twists, turns, peaks, valleys, and any other cliché you can think of pertaining to changes.


If you’ve been around here for this roller coaster (sorry), you can click away. No hard feelings! For those new to the fun and games, first off Welcome, thanks for joining along! Here’s a quick overview.

After visiting my family in Texas during July of 2012, I seriously started to think about moving. I went back to Arizona and my life content and happy but I knew some parts of my journey were coming to a close. As the school year got progressively worse, I knew I needed to pick up the broken pieces and start over. During Thanksgiving and Christmas I spent more time with my family in Texas. The pieces were fitting together. I felt in my soul that God was calling me to Killeen.

When the spring semester started in my classroom, I just felt defeated. My kids were difficult to be around, our staff was getting more disgruntled, and my teaching was suffering. While sitting in a staff meeting, my prayers were finally answered in a huge way. I made my way to the directors office to give my verbal notice and I didn’t look back!

Once I finished a few difficult months, I started to pack and say goodbye to my life. My amazing friends through the best going away party I could have asked for. Ryan Lochte themed incase you cared! The best and coolest dad and brother came to pack the Uhaul in heart of June heat . We drove across the desert to start an unknown chapter of my life!

Hope you’ll stick around as I write this bad boy!



Emmy Hornburg said...

Yay for exciting new adventures!!!!! I'm hoping you're loving your Texas life so far. :)

Donna said...

Dropping by from the Link Up! Sounds like a scary but exciting turn in your life! Looking forward to reading more about it!


Chris Schultz said...

Forgot to add your brother with a heart condition and father with bad asthma. ;)