Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Life in Clothes

The most horrible thing has happened.

Really, it’s a tragedy. I’m officially in mourning. 

Let me introduce you to…I can barely even write it.

My uniform.

Work Uniform

Seriously, I can’t even tell you how much this breaks my fashion loving heart.

So, accessories where you at? I’m calling in all my reinforcements.

What would you wear to jazz this up?


Casey said...

At least it will be easy to figure out what to wear when you go to work! :)

Stephanie @ Life, Unexpectedly said...

some braided bracelets, colorful earrings (red??). Can you roll up the pants a little? if so, get a little ankle bracelet. Maybe a statement ring, and hair accessories of course. And I agree that I'd love to have a work uniform, no morning "what am I going to wear??"s...

Katie said...

Sad day! I wear scrubs to work, but since they're basically pajamas I don't mind missing out on dressing up to go to work. :)