Monday, June 17, 2013

Life in June: Number 12

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Number 12: You may never know the impact of your influence.

If you get a chance to visit your past, take it. It’s been two years since my old school closed and over the weekend we got together for a little reunion.

These kids were part of my very first class. They were in second grade. Now they’re getting ready to walk into high school.

It was life giving for me.

To see former families. To hear that I made an impact in their families life. To know that I did a good job. To see that most of my students turned out exactly how I thought they would! That the problems we talked about in a kindergarten parent conference actually worked out for the better. 

Opportunities like this don’t always happen. You may never get to hear someone say Thank You after the fact. But your influence in a person’s life, that is something that can never take away.


Casey said...

I love seeing my former students once they go off into high school. I usually get a few that invite me to graduation etc. How crazy that your kids are going into high school now!

Beckey said...

Awesome! It is crazy to me when I think that all those little kids I had in my pre-K Sunday school class are now all post-high school age. Crazy!!

Anonymous said...

Loved this post. It's funny how you never forget those you've taught! I couldn't imagine seeing what they all look like now that they are older!

Noor Unnahar said...

My high school years are still on and I wonder how time will change me & people , probably we wouldn't meet again . But reunions are always so cheery :)
Which year are you in? High school graduated ?
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PS : Surely wanna-be friend !
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Les said...

This is so, so true. I still have students who send me facebook messages, telling me how I impacted their lives. There's not a better feeling.

I found you through the GFC blog hop, and I'm your newest follower!
Have a great day! :)