Thursday, June 27, 2013

Life in June: Learning from Friends 3


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I’m almost to my new home in Texas. Seriously this has been the longest trip. I just can’t with the car anymore.

My friend Emmy has taken over the reigns today.

Sometimes - you just need to get your act together.

Or at least pretend that you have it together.

I'm not an organized person. I mean... at all! If you look around my apartment, papers, odds and ends, pieces of mail, my keys, phone chargers, and everything are scattered all over the place. I'm not a slob by any means, but I'm sure there are people with OCD who would walk into my apartment and go insane. My office at work is similar.

A couple of years ago, I was preparing for a big trip with the teenagers I work with. One of the chaperones complimented me by saying "You are so organized! I'm really impressed!'

Um... what? Me? Organized? Nooooooo. Must be another short blond chick you're talking about.

But it's true. Over the years... I've learned how to be organized. I've learned how to get my stuff together, even when it's hard and I feel lazy. I've even learned how to pretend I'm organized and have my s**** done so I can reassure people everything will be okay. Because it will be.

So, no. You might not be organized or know what you're doing. But you learn, and you figure it out, even if it's not part of who you think you are.

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