Thursday, June 13, 2013

Life in June: I’ve had it with packing

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In the last seven years I’ve moved four times. I’ve had three apartments and three classrooms. So if I know anything, moving is that thing. I tend to think I’ve got this packing/moving/unpacking business down.

Number 14: How to move and not punch yourself in the face. (Well, maybe a little punching.)


You know, to color code your boxes and stuff. Yes, I color code my moving boxes. No, I don’t have issues with OCD.


I live in Arizona, WHO NEEDS THAT MANY SCARVES??? No one, I tell ya, no one.


Funny story: When I moved the last time (two years ago) I couldn’t find some stuff that I knew I had packed. I even blamed, in my head, my friend who helped me move and the creepy movers who broke a mirror and didn’t tell me. Yesterday I was going through boxes to organize all the crap, and I found my stuff underneath some old t-shirts. That, my friends, is how not to pack.


Because I’m moving into my brother’s house for a little while, most of my stuff is going into storage. I have a plan, folks. However, I know my brother and dad will laugh at the plan and just put stuff haphazardly into the truck. I want to pretend, even for a few minutes, that I’m in control of this move.

Stop laughing.  


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Stephanie @ Life, Unexpectedly said...

Oh, moving always sucks! We've moved four times as well since we've gotten married 7 years ago, and about to move again later this year or early next year, whenever the house is built. Hope to be done moving for at least a decade then!!