Thursday, May 2, 2013

Life in May: Day Two

Educate Us
This should be easy for me. I mean, I educate people everyday.
I’m a teacher. This shouldn’t be so hard. After spending way too much time thinking about this prompt, I finally came up with something.
How to Be Nice
Really, this should not be a topic that I need to teach.  Over and over I see and hear people around me just being out and out mean. Whether it is over social media or in real life. Our culture has become soaked in negativity. I’ll admit that I fall prey to this more than anyone. I probably need this post more than you!
*Think before you speak or post. Will this embarrass me in a few days or months?
*Remember that the person you are bashing or making fun of has a mother. You know you would be fired up if someone made rude comments about your child.  
*Honesty is not always the best policy. Is this statement true, helpful, or necessary?
*Choose your words with intention. If you are always trying to fill a void with your voice (or tweets), people will start tuning you out.
*If you become uncomfortable with a conversation or a facebook post, walk away. You don’t need to have the last word just for the sake of winning.
*Always remember that people are people. We have hurts. Deep hurts. We are all fighting a battle.

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Katie Welsh said...

Found your blog on SOML's blog. I really like this post as I'm really trying my hardest to be a nicer person. Thanks for the tips!