Sunday, May 12, 2013

Life in May: Day Twelve

*Blogging Everyday in May.*

What do you miss?


To you those numbers mean absolutely nothing. Numbers I could rattle off in my sleep. Numbers that mean something only to a select few. To me, they are my home.

Phone numbers, that once dialed connected you something larger than yourself. Phone numbers that connected you to  family.

You see, these numbers no longer connect you to that family. Oh, the house is there but the lines are disconnected. You won’t be greeted with the typical , “Schultz’s Nut House, which nut would you like?” A joke that only my dad could pull off. If you called those numbers today, all you’d hear would be a dial tone. I know, because I tried.

After 100 years of Schultz’s living on the farm, this weekend the last family moved out. No one will call The Farm home. The door will be closed and locked for the last time. A house once filled with love, laughter, cookies and bread will be silent.

You ask me what I miss, this is it.

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Rachel said...

It's difficult, isn't it, to see family homes move on when they hold so many memories. I just try to tell myself that we have to just move on and make new memories. Not easy, though.