Thursday, February 14, 2013

Life in the Movies

Alright, I know it’s Valentine’s Day and all but I have huge information.

Huge, folks.

After watching Pitch Perfect for the twelfth second time, I noticed a certain Bella in the background.

Dude, you guys. IT’S ME!! I’m freaking in this movie.

(Taken off my tv with my phone, sorry!)

Photo Feb 09, 7 05 29 PM

Photo Feb 09, 7 07 09 PM

Do you see her?

Photo Feb 09, 7 07 17 PM


Photo Feb 09, 7 09 26 PM

That’s me…I swear!

Photo Feb 09, 7 09 21 PM

I mean seriously, how did I NOT get a credit in this film. Can you sue someone for looking like you?

This chick looks JUST like me.

After doing a little more investigating (err, google and IMBD stalking), I found my supposed doppelganger.

Wanetah Walmsley Picture

Wanetah Walmsley

Close up she looks nothing like me. Crazy right? From a distance she could be my fraternal twin.


Veronica Lee Burns said...

haha that's crazy awesome! You should just tell me people it's you!

melissa said...

I came across your blog on I am Pisces blog hop .I love this post , I am still in search for me doppelganger . I look forward to more of your post and would love if you stop by my blog .