Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Life in 2013

Happy Tuesday Friends! 

Alrighty, I feel like yesterday  I completely oversold MY BIG ANNOUNCEMENT. 
I'm pumped, but I'm guessing 99.9% of you don't care, and probably two of you were wondering what I was saving for today. (Hi Mom!) Maybe three, if we're pushing it! 

Don't worry, no dating, engagement, or pregnancy news. So not in the cards right now! 

After all that build up, I’m so excited to announce my blogging “schedule” for this year. Hopefully this will keep me amped up to post, and give me a little more direction. I’m holding to the term schedule loosely.  If I don’t feel like posting, I won’t.
With that being said, here’s the plan!

Life on the Weekend
Teaching Tuesday
Might include funny stories from my classroom, a recipe, or DIY
Life with a Video
Either my own video or something funny I want to share
Life with Thursday Thoughts
Fashion Friday
Could include some of my outfits from the week or favorite things I’m currently loving.

Hope you’ll stop by!

*I told you it was an oversell!*


Emily Hornburg said...

I like it! I've thought about doing a posting schedule, but I can never figure out exactly what days and what topics! lol

Sar said...

That's still an announcement! So excited to see a good consistent schedule! You're amazing!