Monday, October 29, 2012

Life on the Weekend


I had another fantastic weekend! How was yours?

This weekend I…

…spent Saturday in Downtown Phoenix with my friend Stacey.

We went to the Harvest Festival, a huge traveling arts and crafts fair.

We saw some people standing on the street corner with big cameras. There were motorcycle cops blocking traffic and random people on walkie talkies. Apparently, they were filming a Nissan commercial on the streets of downtown.

Here’s a quick video I caught.

Had a few Purple Hazes at my favorite spot, Copper Blues

While we were waiting at the Light Rail stop, a guy comes up to me and screams “Hey, give me everything you have!”


Before I could react (or pee my pants) he says, “I’m just playing just playing, does this train head south?”

Note to men everywhere, DON’T DO SHIZ LIKE THAT!

I’m currently working on this pile.


Be sure to stop by tomorrow. I have something new planned for you all!

Hope you have a great week.



~Dawn~ said...

Holy crap - I would have shizzz myself if someone said that to me. YIKES. Thank goodness he was only kidding and you're ok to tell about it. :)

Brianne said...

What the hell is wrong with that guy?!

Katie said...

Ummm, that guy's lucky it wasn't me cause I would have gotten out the effing MASE! WHO DOES THAT?? Man.

On a lighter note: I've been looking up on some Fall craft shows going on in Seattle and I can't wait to hit one up!

Looks like a fun weekend other than a faux hold-up! :)

Laura Darling said...

Why would that guy ask you that?! I would have died!! That's so mean! Glad you had a good weekend other than that!

Syndal said...

OMG that guy?!? hahah meanie!!!