Thursday, October 25, 2012

Life on Thursday

Pretty busy, but fun week. Let’s take a trip through my Instagram (racheltoo2) and relive the highlights.
Came into school on Monday with this sitting on my desk. Probably the most awesome way to start my week.
Mmmm. Ryan Lochte. He’s now been censored, four year olds can’t handle aaaalllll of that.
Don’t have a mustache ring? May I suggest you purchase one immediately. You’ll be my friend for life.
In case you were confused on the locality your domestic beer. Isn’t this common knowledge? Or is this something only people from Wisconsin are taught. In the womb. St. Louis beer= Swill. Milwaukee beer is king.
Just finished two days of parent teacher conferences, two of my students have strep, and I’m buying tea in bulk.
Don’t forget to stop by tomorrow for
This will be the first of my weekly Friday link up. Feel free to join us between now and the end of the year!

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