Friday, August 3, 2012

Life’s Glamtastic (July’s Glam Bag)


Alright, August!

That must mean it’s time to put together my July Glam Bag post. I admit, getting these goodie bags each month has become a highlight in my life. Shout out to my friend Jessica who’s now joined the club!

This was the first month that we did not all receive the same products. I like hearing what other girls love and were excited about. It’s also the first month that I saved some things for a giveaway! So I wasn’t able to test everything.


The theme this month was beach Beauty. I was excited about the pink mesh bag, it’s pretty cute!


I received the Green Apple Moisturizer, the Josie Maran Magic Marker and Somersault (Yellow) nail polish.


I love the yellow color, but I have another color that is identical, so into the giveaway bag it went!

I don’t really know how I feel about the lip/check stain. It didn’t go on heavy, but I like my color to last. I’ve been wearing such bright deeply pigmented colors all summer that this one isn’t doing it for me. I haven’t tried it as check stain yet. I’m afraid to look like a clown. I’ll try it again before I write it off completely.


The Hydro Punch Conditioner is going to a lucky giveaway winner because I have so many hair things!

I absolutely LOVE the Green Apple Moisturizer. It smells amazing, it’s organic, and it has SPF. I’ve used it the last few days when going to the pool. I’ve also added it to my hair part (Which always gets burnt) and it hasn’t made my hair greasy. Can’t say enough good things about this product!

I love a good makeup wipe. I like having these sample packs around for my travels. Haven’t tried the Yes to Cucumber brand, but I’ve heard great things. Can’t wait to try this one out. It does smell pretty great!


All in all this month was a 2 out of a 5. If I kept the nail color, it would give it a three.

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