Thursday, August 9, 2012

Life on Thursday

Hey there! It's Thursday again, which means another chance to share some thoughts over at Sar's!

*Today is Meet and Greet Day at school. Quite possibly my favorite day of the year! 
I love meeting all my new bambinos! 

*New school supplies make my heart sing! 

*School starts on Monday! I'm beyond excited. Probably won't sleep all night on Sunday. I was totally that kid who woke up at 3 am the first morning and wanted to get ready for school!

*There's now Wifi in my house. This is a huge deal, folks! 

*I felt the need to watch Michael Phelps' SNL episode the other day. Man, the fall of 2008 was a fantastic. Tina Fey as Sarah Palin, Amy Pohler was still doing weekend update, and plenty of election year jokes. So, Seth Meyers, I beg of you, make this election year AMAZING! (And it wouldn't hurt if Lochte would host an episode. Without a shirt.)

Have a great weekend, friends! 


Sar said...

Love that you're so happy about school supplies. A-dor-a-ble.

And woohoo for wifi!


PS: Do you know you have Captcha turned on? Just FYI!

Sarah said...

I am the same way about school! I get so excited about all of it :)
your classroom looks great, btw!

Katie said...

I was pretty much the opposite at school. I especially hated the first day! But I totally agree about school supplies! Let our hearts sing together! :)

Melissa said...

I don't think i've been reading long enough to know you are a teacher? Although i am scatterbrained, so maybe i forgot? But i love teachers! I don't know why, i'm not one myself, but it's just a thing. :) So yay! So fun!! Love schools supplies, too! Hope you have an awesome year! :)

Alexandra Anne said...

Love that you called them Bambinos :)

Naptime Review said...

Your funny! I love school supply shopping too ;) Great deal!

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