Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Life in Texas (The One Where We Went to Barton Springs)


In case you missed the fun and games yesterday, I’m using this week to recap my trip to Texas. Mostly for me and my family. So deal, folks.

On my second day in the land of humidity, we traveled to Austin to hang out at the Barton Springs Pool. The pool is this really neat spring fed swimming hole. Totally old timey and wonderful. In the 1800’s, people in Austin decided to dam up one part of Barton Springs so there would be a place to escape the summer heat. Pretty cool idea. (haha, get it, cool!) There’s a diving board, plenty of grass, and nice cooooool water. Seriously, it’s like 68 degrees ALL THE TIME! Because it’s a spring fed and natural, the bottom of the pool is made up of slippery rocks. Which made it hilarious when you wanted to walk from one place to the other.

Now, this is the point in my post where you would expect to see beautiful pictures of Barton Springs.

Eh, you would be wrong. Well, sorta wrong.

Picmonkey was being obnoxious today, and I only had time and patience to edit four pictures. GEDC1407GEDC1409GEDC1411GEDC1415

Until later!


Katie said...

OH! That looks like fun! :)

Bree said...

Is that a giant pool or lake or what? Its huge and looks super blue! I wanna go! :)) lol

PS- Um... the 3rd picture, look at that ceiling! Amazzzing! :))


Chris Schultz said...

It's a spring that when they put the dam in, made it into a large pool basically.

I would have taken more pictures for you Rachel, but your batteries were almost dead.