Friday, July 27, 2012

Life During the Olympics

It’s Olympic Day! I cannot wait for the Opening Ceremonies tonight.

There’s something about people achieving the pinnacle of success that brings goofy tears to my eyes.

No joke, I’ll be bawling like a baby. Heck, I’ve been tearing up during the Today Show all week. There’s only so many athlete life stories that I can handle before I cry the ugly cry.

In other Olympic news, this happened.


Seriously Michael Phelps? You couldn’t even brush your hair before you let them take your ID picture. Really?

You’re making my job (making fun of you) soooo much easier.

And really, you of all people should know the importance of pictures, the media, and self image.

Really, ID photographers? You couldn’t hand the dude a brush or a comb or a bone? This man is a national treasure. NATIONAL TREASURE. He endorses SUBWAY for goodness sakes, SUBWAY ANOTHER NATIONAL TREASURE. And you didn’t find it necessary to tell the guy he had some serious bed head? 

Mama Phelps, I’m sure you were somewhere ironing your blazers and perfecting your patented Taylor Swift-esque- I -can’t believe–he-just-won-face for the inevitable moment you will grace our televisions.  But really? You would really let your precious Mickey step out like this? 

Aw, Phelpsie, you never had a chance did ya?

So, here’s to you Michael Phelps, may you continue to swim and win gold medals.

And  really, stop growing the ‘stache.

The world (well, mostly me) will thank you.


Brittany said...

this is funny!
following! follow back?

Melissa said...

Haha - hilarious!

Alexandra Anne said...

Hey, I've nominated you for the Liebster award! Check out my post for details :)