Thursday, May 3, 2012

Life on Thursday

It’s Thursday!

Around here that means another round up of random thoughts/brilliantness and my weekly recap of dresses.

But something pretty remarkable happened today, a story too good to pass up!

We’ve been having some shake ups at the school I work for. Nothing too out of the ordinary, nothing earth shattering, but enough annoyance to warrant complaining!

After a long, frustrating and non-linear staff meeting, we retreated to our classrooms where we all regrouped. All I wanted to do was go home and think some unkind thoughts, I tried to focus myself on being positive and going about my business is the kindest manner possible. However hard that would be for my stubborn German brain to comprehend. 

The aftershocks of “the meeting” were felt again today. I was very out of sorts, short with the kids, moaned about my aide (who is a dream to work with, by the by!), and was a overall pain in the biscuit to deal with. During my lunch time (which I share with three other co-workers) we rehashed the meeting for the two teachers who were not present. This of course, brought up more bad thoughts, more ugly comments, and all around ungrateful behavior.

We were all in agreement that next year would not be easy, we figure that this is God calling us to our Esther moment. This is our “such a time as this” God is asking us to be warriors even when the odds seemed stacked against us. (If you can’t tell, I work at a Christian school!)

This is such a long set-up to a quick ending, but I promise I’m getting there!

After lunch, I walked back to my classroom still gloomy with a touch of grumpiness. I unlocked the door for my afternoon bambinos to come to school. The first family to walk in happened to be the twins in my class with their grandma. She and I have talked many times about our Bible Study friends.

Here comes the best part:

She stopped me and said she had a word from the Lord she would like to share with me. Her friend had sent it to her and she thought it was so beautiful.

*This never happens to me, I repeat, NEVER HAPPENES TO ME!*

Romans 12:12

Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.

Grandma kept repeat over and over “Patient in affliction, patient in affliction.”

I lost it.

I was overwhelmed with Love from my Father.  Only a gracious God could have known what I needed to hear and when I needed to hear it.

Even through the mess of my easy life, God brings to me a word of comfort through a person who has no clue what we are dealing with.

Amazing, simply amazing.

AND, if you sat through all that (Told you it was good!) I’ll reward you with my dresses from this week!


Spot the Bindi! I swear that dog thinks she runs this show!

PS. This pink skirt was the BEST $10 I’ve ever spent at Old Navy.







Finally, a new pose!



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Katie said...

What an amazing story!!

P.S. I'm eternally jealous of your dresses. They're so freaking adorable!!

Happy Thursday!

lulewbelle said...

hi lovely lady....sorry it took so long for me to "follow" you on here.....i literally just figured out how to do it.

Lissa @ The Looking Glass said...

wow! amazing how the Lord uses us to touch others and other people to touch us, just when we need it. thanks for sharing!

found you through tid+bits :)