Thursday, April 26, 2012

Life on Thursday (or the one that introduces Holiday Cheese)

Three Cheers for Thursday! One step closer to the weekend.
Please snack on my list of random musings:

*If you follow me on twitter (@racheltoo2), you heard part of the holiday cheese story.
My Monday afternoon class was working diligently spending all their time talking to each other as all four year olds do, when one smarty pants thinks his life is a musical and he must burst into song. This is such a typical occurrence that I didn’t even comment on it. However, Mr. Song Writer’s lyrics caught my attentions “Holiday cheese, holiday cheese, I love you holiday cheese. Oh holiday cheese, oh holiday cheese, please get in my belly, you are so yummy!”
What the what? Where do they come up with this stuff? I wouldn’t be looking for his single to drop any day soon.

*There was ANOTHER bobcat at school this week. Of course, the kids “spotted” him allover campus for the rest of the day. And seriously, who announces that a bobcat is on campus over the intercom?
*Can I give a shot out to my new running shoes?
Actually, these babies probably deserve their own post, they are that wonderful.
Excuse me while I stare at them again.

*Dress Challenge Week Three
Monday (one of my favorites!)
Wednesday (again with the dog!)
(ignore the afterschool hair craziness and the dog who insists on being in the picture!)
Have a great weekend!

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Sar said...

Who doesn't love holiday cheese?! ;)

Love the new running shoes! I've been looking for some myself and those are slammin'!

kendra @ little almanac said...

I love your dress on Wednesday! So colorful and summery!

Victoria said...

cute dresses! i tried that same dress on from ur tuesday photo at target!

great blog you have!

Bree said...

Those running shoes are awesome!!!! So cute. :)) I have a pair of running shoes I wear consistently, but I am looking for some cute ones to cross-train in. Those are adorbs! :))

Meg {henninglove} said...

oh my dogs always insist on being in my outfits too, it is their way of making sure they always have my full attention on them, ha!