Tuesday, March 27, 2012

(My) Life’s in a Bag

When I was packing up after school today I noticed how spectacularly random awesome my purse had become.

Take a look!


*This is my go-to bag for day to day use.*


Numbers One and Two: Pretty obvious. I get thirsty teaching all day. Except, number 2 is usually filled with iced coffee!

Number Three: It was Cowboy/Celebrate 100 Years of AZ at school today. Hence the denim shirt. It was hot so I changed.

Number Four: Can’t go anywhere without my Coach wallet. Originally intended as a makeup bag, but I like to walk on the wild side!

Number Five: My “emergency” bag.

Filled with this:


Number Six: My lip stuff bag.

Which I wrote about here.


Number Seven:  My camera. Number Eight: My favorite part of my bag today would be my Kindle.

Number Nine: My phone. Number Ten: School keys. Number Eleven: My small sketch book, used for notes, to do lists, blog ideas, and other endless things. A new, but necessary addition to my bag.

Number Twelve:


Major shout out to my school’s office assistant who saved me some jail time by faxing all my stuff to New Mexico.  You may all rest peacefully knowing that I won’t be getting arrested anytime soon.

At least I don’t plan on it!


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Lisa said...

i love that purse