Sunday, February 26, 2012

Life in a Farm House


Have you heard of Antique Farm House?

No one?!?

Neither did I, until today!

Oh buddy! It’s a flash sale (Things are only available for one day with limited quantities.)website with super cute vintage home décor items.

I picked up these little cuties today.

Wire Metal Baskets, Set of 2

Umm $30 people! For the set!

And the shipping was only $6!

Now, I only have to wait 15 days for my loves to arrive.

Things are going to be pretty slow around these parts this week. Like I said, my parents are in town which means late nights and early mornings for this girl!

Don’t miss me too much!

-Have a great week-

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Meg - [Life of Meg] said...

Such a beautiful blog! Loving the header and clean look of it! *swoon*

Thanks for Mingling, love!