Thursday, October 6, 2011

Life in Random List Form

current loves

1. While welcoming children into my room the other morning, one of my girls said, “Miss Schultz, what happened to your feet?”

Umm…they’re boots honey!

2. I’m writing this from the comfort of my patio. Hello fall and your cooler temps.

3. Legit small town moment: One of my mom’s asked me this morning if I was walking my dog the other night. Apparently she saw me as she was coming home from work. Gotta remember to stop picking my nose in public!

*Figuratively speaking of course!* 

4. Being able to walk my dog and not just run outside for her to go to the bathroom.

Again, Hello fall and your cooler temps!

5. 013

They may make me look like an old grandpa, but I love ‘em.

6. The Alumni Association of my university calling for a donation.

Umm, nope still poor. But thanks for asking!

7. Movies in the Park this week. I might even get to wear a hoodie!

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