Saturday, August 6, 2011

Life in Celebration

One of the reasons that I love my dad



He’s pretty amazing if I do say so myself!

Dad celebrated his 56th birthday this week.

*(My mom celebrated her 56th birthday on July 17th, but I was in the middle of unpacking so I didn’t get a chance to write her a birthday message. But I didn’t want to leave her out of the fun!)*

 I didn’t get to celebrate with him but my brother sent some great pictures of the party.

True to form, my dad wanted a low key “party”.

Family tradition dictates that the birthday boy/girl gets to pick a restaurant or dinner for his/her party.

He insisted on grilled cheese and tomato soup for his birthday dinner.

My brother whipped up a grilled cheese bar full of different types of cheeses and toppings.

There were even two kinds of soup! Yum!



A bad eating shot taken by my niece.


Doesn’t that pie look delicious?


Papa enjoying his birthday meal.

Yes, Dad, Old Guys Rule!

My dad is a huge source of strength and courage.

We almost lost him in a motorcycle accident in 2001.

In the last ten years, my dad has built his life around his faith and his family.

I’m so proud to be his daughter!

I love you, Dad Smile 

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