Thursday, July 14, 2011

Life in the Laundry Room

The gas man was here early this morning and I officially have gas.

Awful joke, sorry!

Let me tell you how my life has been improved in the past week.

I currently have a dishwasher full of partially clean dishes because it is running!

I’ve already finished two loads of laundry.

I was able to cook a delicious lunch and I’m now anticipating the homemade pizza on the menu for dinner.

I was excited when the direct tv guy came this afternoon, as well.

But he looked at me and said, “Crazy lady, your apartment faces west. You can’t have satellite.”

*He didn’t call me crazy lady but it makes for a better story*


I was all ready to finally fork over my hard earned money for tv and you’re telling me my apartment is facing the wrong direction?   

Now back to square one! Hopefully Cox cable will come through for me.

I’m never moving again, I tell ya!

PS…if you haven’t already, please take a look at my cousin’s blog

We’d appreciate your support and we covet your prayers.

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