Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Life in Lent

Ahh Lent. That season which strikes fear in the heart of many Catholics and Lutherans alike!
What am I supposed to give up? Should I pick up a good habit instead? Do I tell people what I'm giving up, or do I suffer alone, and thus become more "holy"? Do I really need to give something up, after all it seems like a really law based thing to do? Do I blog about it? GASP!

It's enough to drive a person crazy!

This Lent, I've been challenged...TO GET RID OF THE STUFF!! After all, stuff is just stuff and it's something I can use less of. Less of Jesus, not so much!

Anywho, enter my new blogging buddy Ann Marie at white house,black shutters and her 40 Bags in 40 Days challenge.

In anticipation for my move, I'm going to use this time to clean out my house and my classroom. Twenty bags for the house and twenty for the classroom. I started today at school.

I'm not attempting to show off or to put on airs. I'm just looking for some accountability and camaraderie as I attempt to live life in the moment. And moments aren't about stuff. They are about the people and experiences God puts in our lives!

Come back every Friday or Saturday to see my progress. I'll also be linking up to white house, black shutters party when she hosts them.

Wanna join in the fun?!


Emmy said...

Thanks for stopping by on my blog! :)

And honestly, I think that's a great idea to get rid of stuff during Lent! It's a great challenge and can be really refreshing to just purge. And again, I think it's totally OK to blog and talk about it. Just not the martyr thing. It drives me nuts.

I'm actually kind of excited to read about your 40 days!!! :)

Deanne said...

I think you have an excellent plan with doing 20 from the home and 20 from the classroom. I'm joining in the 40 in 40 as well. I just have not written my post yet for today. I need to take pictures from my closet clean out from Wednesday (yes - the bags are STILL in my house, all of the items have been in my house for the last couple of years, I didn't figure a few days more would make all that big of a deal) :)

I look forward to seeing your progress as you work through both areas.

Ann Marie | white house, black shutters said...

Great idea on 20 at home and 20 in the classroom. All of that stuff piles up! I get your point about wanting to participate for the camaraderie and support, not to be a martyr. At first I was reluctant about posting about the 40 days, whether it is giving up sweets or getting rid of clutter. I should not be living this way and need to get myself in check!! Hopefully blogging about it will keep us accountable. Thanks for the insight :)

Thanks for linking up and joining us on the journey, looking forward to seeing your progress as we move forward together!

-Ann Marie