Thursday, October 14, 2010

Life in the Coffee Shop

I enjoy spending a few hours in coffee shops. They are such great places to people watch. Today I saw a group of older men sitting around discussing life and drinking coffee. One of the men had his cell phone out and was texting on it, which is hilarious in its own right! Another guy told him to put it away and proceeded to tell him that it was "just plan rude" to be on his phone while he was with his friends. And everyone tells us we're the "rude generation" I guess not so much anymore!

I also got to indulge in my favorite treat! The drink that makes my day!

"It's like they took a slice of pumpkin pie, threw it in a blender, dumped it in a cup, added whipped cream and told me to drink it!" So yummy!

1 comment:

Lucy said...

I think you should bring THAT to thanksgiving!;)