Monday, April 22, 2013

Life in the Pool (Or that time I met Ryan Lochte)

*This post was scheduled for last week but with everything that happened it felt a little insensitive.*

Hey guys! Remember me?! Let me reintroduce myself.

I’m Rachel, and I love swimmers. Like a lot. Yes, I know it’s sad for an almost 29 year old woman to be ogling over muscles upon muscles. Wait, no it’s not!



Proof positive that there is a God, and he loves me! But I digress.

So last weekend I was able to attend the Arena Mesa Grand Prix. Not only were my favorite swimmers there, but we were able to interact with them on the regular. On Thursday,I happened to sit by Dana Vollmer’s coaches, and Dana herself after her races. On Saturday, I sat with Breeja Larson’s family. She’s a hometown(Mesa, AZ) favorite girl who had the coolest personal story leading up to the Olympics.

But we all know who I was really there for!




Yum! Arm veins shouldn’t be that hot!

Just take a minute to soak that all in.


And the lovely hilarious Anthony Ervin. Such a nice guy!

On Saturday, the heavens opened, the stars aligned, and the impossible happened.


Oh, what’s that? Mr. Lochte himself, looking right at my camera? No big deal.


Now, I know what’s been going around this week before and after Ryan’s showed aired. What I know is this. These pictures were taken 30 minutes after his last race. He stopped to sign autographs and take pictures with his fans for almost 45 minutes AFTER swimming a 200 meter IM, I’d like to see you try that!

Yes, he may come across as dumb, a player, or even a douche. But I’ve never seen someone be so loyal to their fans. Even with his publicists trying to get him to stop so he could do some interviews.

Class act all the way!

Anyway, consider this my entry back into the blogging world! Feels great!!


Emily Hornburg said...

That was a delightful start to my morning. Thank you. Every morning should start with shirtless swimmers. I would be much happier.

Katie said...

Did you watch the show? I didn't, I saw a few clips. I'm sure he's a nice guy. There was a clip of his mom who was with him while someone was measuring his wingspan and his mom was like, "Oh, what's Michael's?" And Ryan was like, "MOMMM, you're SUPPOSED TO BE ON MYYYY TEAM!!!" It made me laugh out loud.