Monday, February 4, 2013

Life on the Weekend (or why I missed the best part of the Super Bowl)

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I had an exceptionally amazing weekend with my friends. Let’s jump right in!

*Friday night was low key. Folded some laundry (Holla!) and watched some movies.

*My “sisters” and I love throwing theme parties. On Saturday, I met up with Amy to plan our Valentine’s Bash. Do you know how hard it is to find ideas for a Girls V-Day party that isn’t all “ DEATH TO BOYS! SINGLES FOREVER!”? We’ve got some awesome ideas though.

Just a typical Saturday night surfing Pinterest and drinking coffee with your sister!

*While at Amy’s I stumbled upon old pictures of myself. Holy cow, I can’t believe how much I’ve changed in the last seven months. It’s also such a great motivator! I should put together a progress post.

*Super Bowl Sunday started out with a Hills marathon. I could watch that train wreck over and over. No shame, friends.

*My Bindi likes to hide in blankets!

*Great day drinking party with friends.

Photo Feb 03, 6 33 20 PM

I left right after Shasa Fierce and her holographic doubles (triples? quadruples?) boogied off the stage. You all know where this is heading. I missed the lights going out, most of the good commercials, and probably an audience camera pan of one Michael Phelps. Ugh.

How was your Super Weekend?

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Syndal said...

YES you have to put together a post on how you've changed! such a great motivator!