Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Life in Paris (or my bedroom redo)

Guys, I love Paris. Been there one time and I’m obsessed.


Like I said yesterday, I’ve never decorated my bedroom. Little touches here and there, but nothing major. I found some cheapo Paris décor items and it was like the light bulb went off. Bingo, “Paris” bedroom.  I already had a few things like a Eiffel Tower and an old hatbox, so why not go all out!

I’m still putting some finishing touches. Side note: How do you make a Paris room without using black/white/pink?



Crappy cell phone pic!


Some of my previous items.


I’m thinking about going with a white/light blue/grey theme. Changed my green comforter to my old fluffy down to see if I like the all white bed idea. So far I’m really into it, makes the room feel so airy.

I found some adorable things for the bathroom while hunting around in Target!



The metal basket used to hold all my stuff by the sink. Don’t laugh at my old Blackberry, I use it for music!


Isn’t that mug sweet? They had some other ones like London, New York, and Rome. I want them all!

The little blue dish is actually a cupcake holder. It has a glass lid that you can buy separately. I got it for $5.


It holds all the makeup that doesn’t work on my magnetic board. 

What else should I add to my room?

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Veronica Lee Burns said...

your Paris touches are sweet! nice job!