Thursday, June 28, 2012

Life on Thursday

*Do you watch America’s Got Talent?
I get upset when I watch these little kids come on the show expecting to make it far. I feel like the producers put them on for the heartstring factor knowing full well that they will never give them a Vegas act. And seriously some of them (cough, Little Star, cough) aren’t that great.
*Let’s collectively take a moment for the USA Men’s Swim Team.
Hi Ryan Lochte! (I feel like this picture should be turned into a Hey Girl)
Brendan Hansen, ohdeargoodnessicannotbreathe.
Seriously, here’s another!
Can we all just agree that Michael Phelps (and the porn-stache)can just go away.
Ew, gross!
*I wrote this post and no one responded! Come on friends, I need some posts for vacation week!
*Speaking of vacation week, I’m leaving for Texas and couldn’t be more excited! If it’s a little slow around here, I’m soaking up time with my family. Deal with it folks!
*My partner in crime moves tomorrow. Let’s not talk about it. Like, I can’t even.


Katie said...

PAHAHA! Seriously though. Screw the 8 (or however many olympic medals), Brian Lochte is ridiculously good looking. He makes Michael Phelps look like a complete nerd. Just sayin. :)

Emily Hornburg said...

Ewwwww. When did he get that stache? Gross.

lulewbelle said...

aww that's me! partner in crime! im excited for our mexican dinner tonight!!!! ps. love that you are posting about hot guys!

Sar said...

I gotta be honest, I've never thought Michael Phelps' face was attractive, so the 'stache doesn't matter. So gross.

Happy Thursday!

Victoria said...

the swim team is oh-so sexy for sure!

great blog you have :)