Monday, July 4, 2011

Life in Holidays

Happy 4th of July!

I hope you are having a smashingly wonderful day.

My weekend consisted of this:


Boxes, boxes, and more boxes!

Moving day is Thursday. My brain is going crazy trying to get all the little things done while everyone else is enjoying a day off.

However, I did take some time off of packing to watch some fireworks with my friend.

I’m not one to go all crazy for the Fourth and wear matching Red, White and Blue flag shirts…



Err…where did that picture come from?!

Anyway, there are only a few days a year you can get away with wearing R, W, &B and you won’t get looked at twice.

But, it’s Phoenix…in July. It’s hot here, y’all.

This is the time of year when we are either neck deep in water or hibernating with our AC turned up HIGH.

Enter seersucker fabric. God’s gift to stylish sweaty girls everywhere.


Hat: Ross Earrings: Francesca Collection Belt: F21 (from another dress) Skirt: Made by ME! (thankyouverymuch) Shoes: Toms (super stinky by the by!) Bracelet: Woven by me (leftover fabric from skirt)


I’m super proud of my skirt making skills. I found an extremely easy pattern online and went crazy. I’ve been cranking out skirts instead of packing boxes! Oops!

I wore one of my other creations to church yesterday and now I’m sure I’ll be making more for all my pals.

Hope your Fourth of July is full of yummy food, great friends, and beautiful fireworks.  

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