Saturday, May 14, 2011

Life in Tears

Forgive me if I’m a little mopey again!

Tonight was the closing performance our last play at my school.  As is tradition with the closing of a play, the cast presents the director with flowers or a small gift during the curtain call. Tonight was no different. The cast called all the teachers up to the stage and gave each of us a bouquet of roses and a card.  One of the moms hugged me and said, “This is from all the parents”. Not knowing what to expect, I opened the card and started to read all the sweet notes.  The tears started to flow. I turned to the mom who gave had put this all together and said through my tears, “Why didn’t you warn me”? She laughed and started to cry herself.

I have a feeling that this moment will be repeated multiple times during the next two weeks. I even bought waterproof mascara in preparation!

I pray that I am able to take these next few days to stop and reflect whenever possible.

I pray that I can soak up all the memories that I can.

I pray that I don’t say “I’m too busy” when a child asks me to play.

I pray that I let the tears flow, because

It is okay.

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