Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Life in Constant Grace

I've been learning more and more about God's grace everyday. His grace is never ending. It is very easy for me to get overwhelmed by this love that I do not deserve. The amazing (pardon the pun!) part of grace is that it is constant. It doesn't go away because of faults and sin. Grace is completely unmerited. I did nothing to deserve it, but in the same respect I can do nothing to get rid of it. Grace, to put it plainly, is amazing!

Lately, I've been feeling very worn down. Things aren't going as well and aren't coming as easily as they have in the past. When times like this happen, I turn to music. I love music. It reaches the deepest places of your being. Some days a song will hit you and move you in such a way that you can only cry. Today, was one of those days! I love the line "I am constant, I am wise."

Enjoy "I Am" by an amazing artist Jill Phillips

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Lucy said...

You know I love this!